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Underrated 80's Metal Guitarists
Underrated 80's Metal Guitarists
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One of the best albums to come out in the 80’s it’s criminally underrated. The band seemed to suffer from a lack of exposure problems, which cost them their rightful place as one of the best bands in the ’80s. While bands like Quiet Riot, Motley Crue, Ratt, and Cinderella were getting airplay on radio and coverage on MTV, this Arizona band simply seemed to fall through the cracks. Night Of The Crime is a brilliant album from beginning to end, with outstanding production and talent to spare. The band released several albums after this with a different vocalist, A More Perfect Union , Right Between the Eyes but it just didn’t have the same magic that Night Of The Crime did.



The band continued to release material into the 2000s. Notable for featuring Tommy Thayer (Black N’ Blue, KISS) on guitar and included Teresa Straley vocals, Pat Regan keyboards, Todd Jensen bass, and Steven Klong drums. The band only released one album, the self-titled "Harlow" in 1990. The band had more of an AOR sound, despite looking more like a glam band.



I probably haven't listened to them in 25 years, so who knows if I'd still like them today. If you ask casual fans of mid 80s rock, most wouldn't know anything but Signs, and i would bet most of them dont know the name of the band. What got the most airplay was 5 man acoustic jam, my least favorite album by far and "Signs" my least favorite song by them as well. Like so many of the other comments, they developed in Seattle during the grunge explosion. But their music was/is so much more than what defined grunge. Read more about buy Instagram Likes here. Jerry Cantrell and Layne Staley wrote such phenomenal songs, so complex, intricate, just oozing with emotion and feeling.truly should be in the top ten.



Its simple rather bare bones heavy metal that is actually pretty catchy as well. I caught myself singing some of these songs out of nowhere sometimes. The album may be a bit cheesy to some as pretty much the entire fucking album revolves around love, heartbreak and lust experienced by the girls in the band.



What sets Mazo apart is their slightly punkier vibe, bringing flashes of Overkill/Ace of Spades but with more melodic singing. José, the lead singer and composer of this album does a good job of crafting short and catchy tunes that itch the needs of any heavy metal aficionado. While many old heavy metal bands have seen newfound popularity in the new millennium, this never happened to Santa due to the tragic passing of Azucena in 2005. Nonetheless, the legacy of Santa persists and Azucena’s contributions to women in metal continue.



The band is considered to be one of the originals in the progressive metal movement, along with Queensrÿche, Dream Theater, Fates Warning. Visually the band was quite different, with the members wearing chrome masks. Crimson Glory released Crimson Glory and Transcendence and then followed up in the 90s with Strange and Beautiful and Astronomica which featured Wade Black on vocals before calling it a day as a band. Vocalist Midnight died in 2009 from a stomach aneurysm. While he never recorded an album with the band, current Queensryche vocalist Todd La Torre was with the band for a brief period. Starting out with a little heavier sound than most of the others, they switched their sound to appeal more to the hair metal crowd.



Another band to unfortunately release their debut album at the end of the glam/hair metal era was Cats In Boots. Vocalist Joel Ellis provided a gritty vocal style and the guitarist and bassist were from the Japanese metal band Seiki Matsu, now known as Seikima. The band’s sound was sleazy and brought to mind a more raw sound of bands like early Motley Crue, Vain, Faster Pussycat, and other sleaze bands.



There was a reunion six years later, since which they have had several line-up changes, but have never truly come close to recapturing the spirit and power of their ‘80s heyday. But the band reached peak at the end of the ‘80s when, having relocated to LA and signed to Metal Blade, Helstar recorded the albums A Distant Thunder and Nosferatu ; the latter was partially conceptual, inspired by the Dracula novel. The ‘80s is rightly regarded as a glorious period for metal, some might even say it was the greatest decade for metal, ever. In other places such as, "Fallout Today", "Good and Evil", and "Rose of Jericho" Vedder’s lyrics and impassioned performances are weighed down by predictable arrangements and bombastic production. Earthling swells when Vedder’s voice is momentarily allowed to breathe, such as on "The Haves" and "On My Way".



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