Daryl Deshler For Billerica

My Political Views

I am a strong believer in the rights and liberties that our great forefathers worked tirelessly to create. I will defend the Constitutional rights of every citizen of Billerica. I am a believer that less government is more. What I mean by this is, it should be the people who decide what is right for them. Not some government agency who does not even know your background or the situation you may be in. I believe that as long as your not breaking any laws or harming anyone you should have the right to live your life the way you choose. If you want a medical procedure great get it, however if you do not want it, it should be your decision. Not someone sitting behind a desk at town hall trying to control your life. If you feel safe wearing a mask by all means wear one. However your fears should not dictate everyone else’s life. No one entity should tell anyone how they should live.

What I want for Billerica

I will work to preserve the small town feel that the residents have come to know and love. My goals will be to work to rejuvenate existing structures with the town opposed to create newer modern monstrosities. Billerica should remain a Small town and not strive to become a big city. Yes I agree we need economic growth, however that growth must not come at the cost of loosing site of the why most of us moved to Billerica in the first place. For me it was because I wanted a safe, scenic, and wooded place to call my home. Billerica is that place! As long as I have a say it will remain that place! I hear many people saying Billerica should be more like Burlington and welcome more development. Well Burlington’s crime rate is 25% higher than Billerica with a population about 15,000 Lower. Not the crime rate I want in my town. Then I hear the we should be more like Concord. Well Concord’s Tax rate is 1.77% higher than Billerica. Yeah don’t sound like much but 1.77% means an addition $10,000 to me. I like Billerica being Billerica and I will fight to keep it that way! If you like Burlington and Concord so much move there!

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